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AnandSwarup Swami is very good pravachan in gandhinagar. Baps Katha is best quality of people and very high level of people mind engle is change. Baps Pravachan 2017 is best for people, student, men and women also. Swaminarayan Katha is best to expalain by anandswarup swami. Anand Swaroop Swami is very well knowing person and he is well to understand all things.

Baps Anandswarup Swami katha

Anand Swaroop Swami is do pravachan for bhagwan swaminarayan and all subject of people to answer know. AnandSwarup Swami is playlist is that Bhagwan Aa Pruthvi Par hamnsha hajar chhe, Pramukh charitam all parts, Sarvopari Swaminarayan Mahamantra, anatradrashti, Divyabhav, Pramukh Swami Maharaj Ni Karyariti, Gurupurnima, Ghar ne Mangal Banaviye, Vasant Panchami, Satsang Nu Fal. Swamianrayan Pravachan is bhagwan aa pruthvi par hamensha hajar chhe means that in the world god is preasent all time for all person.Pramukh charitam that is pramukh swami maharaj is how to live and what is understand by bapa. sarvopari swaminarayan mahamantra is swaminarayan mantra is very good for moksh. Anantradrashti is anatarkhoj and anatarkhoj means you can watch in your heart. Divyabhav is very you are keep believe god in mahant swami maharaj. Bapa Ni Karyariti is that bapa is live that time katha is speech by anand swarup swami. GuruPurnima is that time to guru bhakti din. Ghar ne mangal banaviye pravachan is best for people.
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