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 Friday 23 February  2018

“The Happiness of Pursuit…”

“I had the blues because I had no shoes until I met a man in the street who had not feet.” The words of a Denis Waitley , a famous American motivational speaker and best-selling author which was the embodiment of the willing sacrifice that one man made for the happiness of others. With this perspective one is able to embark upon some difficult task with renewed motivation. However, with firm conviction and belief, there are no such difficulties that need to be overcome…     

Swamishri was writing letters in New York. Note pad on lap, sitting crossed legged on a gadi he was totally immersed in his seva. An elderly devotee sitting in front of him on the carpet commented, “Swami, when travelling in the villages in the past it was rare for you to be offered even a mattress to sit on. Even in such impossible times you’ve toured extensively.”

Swamishri put his pen down. He said, “At least we had a mattress. Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj never even had that much. They slept in straw. In Ghogavadar Yogiji Maharaj slept in the cattle shed. Ants and other insects would bite him. In the house would be stored the peanut crop, so mice would be rampant. In other places he would clean a corner in a room and put up there. In such horrible conditions Yogiji Maharaj remained in uncaring bliss and spread Satsang. We are a million times better off to receive even this much.”

There are many who experience fulfilment in the pursuit of happiness; however, Pramukh Swami Maharaj was fulfilled in the happiness of pursuit. A lifetime of physical endeavour beyond what his body was capable of sustaining is remarkable in its own right, yet the profound happiness with which he served humanity is a testimony of his pure and selfless personality. In circumstances where any other living being on this earth would find an excuse, he found a way – unconditional love always does.

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The Happiness of Pursuit - Smruti Of Swami Shree
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