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Tuesday 20 February 2018

“The Gift of Detachment…”

A gift of £10,000 can acquire objects of opulent luxury that provide instant gratification. The gift of intelligence and entrepreneurship ability enables the individual to make £10,000 regularly , and buy as many palatable goods to satisfy the desires of the mind and body as one wishes. However, the greatest gift of all is the gift to experience happiness without the need to indulge in anything that the world has to offer…

Pramukh Swami Maharaj explained, “As long as there is the pull of gravity whatever we throw up is always going to come down. But once it is out of gravity's attraction it will not fall back. Likewise, as long as we believe ourselves to be in truth this body , and have overwhelming fondness of money and family , and are attracted to the material world we are consigned to the cycle of birth and death. The Satpurush removes our worldly likings and ignorance. He liberates us from the pull of the world and delivers us in the service of the Lord.”

Despite our compelling attraction to this world and its material pleasures, he personally pulled us towards him. It was not merely words, but a lifetime of relentless physical endeavour, travelling from town to village to metropolis, sacrificing food, rest and withstanding a multitude of physical discomforts to enlighten and bless us with this gift of true wisdom. Let us pledge that our eyes, minds and hearts surrender to the true wealth of this world – the eternal form of God that continues to guide and inspire us today.

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The Gift of Detachment - Smruti Of Swami Shree
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